We breathe 25,000 times a day on average.

But how often do we consciously think about it?

What is Breath Repatterning?

Facilitated Breath Repatterning combines the tool of Connected Breathwork with bodywork & applied science of the nervous system – to create greater ease & flow in the body.
As FBR practitioners, we are trained to read breath & adjust the way the body subconsciously breathes 25,000 times a day.

In contrast to other forms of Breathwork, our technique focuses on the unique breathing patterns of each individual client, and each session is tailored to meet their specific needs.
This helps us safely & effectively create lasting change in the nervous system, and clients tend to experience a multitude of health benefits.
Intentional breathing in this way also allows us to access a deeper level of the subconcious, where we can work with & change the underlying behaviour patterns that direct our lives.

Benefits of breath repatterning


Clinical Breathwork allows you to switch off the “thinking mind” during sessions. This can lead to improved mental clarity & presence, while letting go of stress & anxiety.


Changing the way our body breathes every day affects health on multiple levels — including better digestion, improved immune system function, improved sleep & a better ability to relax after a long day at work.


It is no longer a myth that suppressed emotions drain physical & emotional health. Clinical Breathwork allows you to let go of stored emotions & traumas that impact the body, while gaining access to a wider range of feelings & positive states than before.

Self Development

Connected Breathwork can open you to accessing higher states of awareness, while also giving the clarity needed to look at & remove old conditioning & limiting thoughts. When you know & understand yourself on a deeper level, it can show you new ways to living a full & joyful life.

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