The Aligned Founder Podcast

Helping entrepreneurs build companies in a new way

The Aligned Founder podcast is a show that supports entrepreneurs on the journey to building successful companies.


On the show, we take a look behind the curtain at what’s really happening in the mind of a founder, and how their personal life & deeper fears can impact their business decisions, company culture, and overall happiness.

We explore the raw & untold stories of entrepreneurs & the challenges they face – while helping you to overcome your own obstacles and giving you the tools to achieve success in a more balanced way.

Ep1 – How it Began

“A completely new approach to achieving business success”.

This episode is a conversation between Bjoern, Pete & Rene – the 3 co-hosts of this podcast, & co-founders of the personal development company ReallyAlign.

In the conversation, they dive into their personal backstories, and the bizarre series of events that brought the 3 of them from different life backgrounds to form a company together.

In this episode, the 3 of them discuss:

  • Who they are & a bit about their personal development journeys.
  • How a retreat in Greece changed Bjoern’s life.
  • How the company ReallyAlign came to be formed & their vision.
  • Ethics & integrity while selling personal development work.
  • The main challenges they see founders & entrepreneurs face.
  • Why combining Breathwork with coaching is a powerful tool.
  • Bjoern’s new non-negotiable for all of his investments.

Ep.2 What is Breathwork?

Is “breathing” the easiest way to improve your health & productivity?

Breathwork is a modality that has become increasingly popular in the Western world. It’s been finding its way into many modern day conversations about wellbeing – some might even say it’s the new yoga or meditation!

The purpose of this episode is to educate & inform you on the different practices that are out there, as well as giving you some demos of Breathing techniques that you can use at home right away. We hope this podcast can help make an informed decision on which form of Breathwork will be best for your goals.

In this episode, Pete explores:

  • Mind based breathing tools for more activation, balance or relaxation.
  • How is body based breathwork different?
  • How does a Breathwork session work?
  • How your Nervous system can keep you stuck in anxiety – and how to repattern iτ.

Ep3 Paula Lambert

Only available in German.

Paula Lambert is a sex and relationship coach, journalist, author and host of 2 podcasts and her own television show.

Paula also helps people to better understand their sex and relationship lives, and often does this on her various platforms with humor, but also in 1:1 coaching and in retreats on a personal level.

We really enjoyed talking to Paula as she really didn’t hold anything back and spoke very authentically about the ups and downs in her life and in business.

In this episode Paula talks to Rene about:

  • Her experiences with breathwork.
  • ⁠How she became a sex expert and got her own TV show.
  • Why you, even though you are an expert, get help from coaches and therapists.
  • She shares stories from her personal life that she struggles with.
  • Why methods like breathwork should have a place in a person’s life.