The Aligned Founder Program

Don’t just understand the truth – feel it in your body

The Founder’s Dilemma


If you’re a founder or entrepreneur, there’s a good chance you’re the first in, the last out, and the one everyone turns to when things go wrong. On this journey to building a successful company, there are many factors outside your control . But as a leader, there is one thing you CAN control – and that is how you personally prepare yourself to respond to the challenges that inevitably arise along the way.


How can you train yourself to “fail fast” & pivot when things don’t always go your way?
How can you identify your own personal blind spots & turn your adversities into assets?
How do you prepare yourself mentally to not just survive, but thrive, on this journey to building a successful company?

Become an Aligned Founder


The Aligned Founder program is designed to help entrepreneurs do the inner work needed to become a strong & successful leader.

We help founders identify their hidden weak points & limiting beliefs that are affecting their company’s growth & preventing them from showing up as their most capable selves.

By working through challenges or triggers from the past which have unconsciously held back, we help founders write a new story, while feeling more seen & supported on this challenging road to achieving success.

My business is always the pure reflection of me as a person. I think there’s nothing more valuable as a founder to work on myself . Consciously or subconsciously this will reflect in all of my organization”

ReallyAlign Ibiza retreat participant

Embodied Coaching – Our Unique Method


The Aligned Founder program combines the power of mind-based coaching insights with body-based techniques for integration. We use a technique “Breath Repatterning” that allows us to change the function of the breath & the nervous system. This can create deep, lasting change in the subconscious mind, & greater harmony between the brain & body.


It allows founders to show up differently in critical moments everyday – so they can lead confidently, perform at their best & achieve meaningful success in a balanced & regulated way.

How The Program Works

  •  We work alongside founders over a period of 12-24 weeks.
  • We set intentions & outcomes for the time together.
  • On a typical day of a session, we begin with a 90 minute Coaching session.
  • We use mind-based & subconscious exercises to tap into the root of your challenges. This allows you to understand your patterns & limiting thoughts, similar to traditional coaching.

The unique twist:

  • Within 24hours of that coaching session, we continue the work with a 2 hour in-person Connected Breathwork session.
  • Our two practitioners co-ordinate to create this Breathwork session for optimal results, based on the insights from the previous coaching.
  • By intentionally using the power of body-based breathwork, it allows us to take these already powerful insights & integrate them in the body.
  • We can move from simply cognitively understand things in the mind – to already processing them & thus being able to change the pattern right away.
This allows for rapid completion of old behaviours & thought processes – giving clients the ability to quickly move forward in a new, more aligned way.

“I did yoga & meditation before – this is a whole new combination.

I realised I don’t need to always be 100% liked by everyone. I’m now setting more boundaries and being ok to make decisions that not everyone likes. It’s been extremely helpful the past year & I’m more than happy with the decisions I’ve made.”

Katharina Klotz – Founder, Klotz Interior

What are the qualities of an “Aligned Founder”?


  • Increase your ability to manage stress & challenging situations.
  • Clearing your mind so you can make decisions from a centred, grounded place.
  • Having the tools to deal with any situation that arises Improved health – more energy for tasks, less sluggishness, avoiding burnout.

Competent Leader

  • Developing the ability to empathetically understand others To take their viewpoints & actions into consideration.
  • To communicate in a way that lands, that gets people on your team.
  • Deeply understanding others is very valuable when communicating, pitching, managing & leading.


  • Not just “more coaching”.
  • Helping you understand things deeper than just in your head (more information).
  • Helping you deeply FEEL it.
  • Finally integrate & start implementing the things you already know that you should be doing.
  • Putting the years of work you have already done up until now into action.

Deep Self-Belief

  • The ability to deeply believe “I can do this” – not just rationally understanding that you can.
  • The power of actually feeling that deep confidence & power to take decisions that are risky.
  • Being able to take ACTION without the fear of failure or judgement from others.
  • To believe you can succeed against the odds & thus inspire those around you too.
  • Feeling self confident, strong, worthy.


  • The ability to meet challenges & consistently move forward.
  • To fail, without believing “I am a failure”.
  • To get back up & back in the game ASAP.
  • To confidently meet the challenges life throws at you & turn them into wins.

Strong Inner Compass

  • Develop a strong trust of your intuition during the process of building a business.
  • To get clear on what you want inside, and act on that with confidence.
  • Refining your “inner metal detector”.
  • Clearly knowing what your YES & NO is Being able to tackle any problem with clarity.
  • “How do I deal with this employee? Which market should we target? Should we self fund or raise?”
  • “What do I want? What’s my life purpose & mission? What do I need?”

Ready to become an Aligned Founder?