The ReallyAlign Retreat

A chance to step away from your normal life, receive new insights

and reconnect to your inner compass

“A unique & transformative experience”


We use personal development tools combined with Connected Breathwork to gain fresh insights, learn new things about yourself & find a different path forward.

What makes a ReallyAlign retreats unique?


Most coaching & personal growth experiences are typically quite “head-based”.

They don’t always allow access to deeper levels of insight & authenticity.

Even if we can cognitively understand things – the level of insight can only go as deep as the thinking mind will allow it.


In our retreats, we use the tool of Connected Breathwork –

a natural & powerful practice.


It allows participants to tap into a deeper level of themselves – using just the power of their own breath.Through our unique form of Breathwork, we can access new pathways in our brains & bodies, which allows us to see things in a whole new way.


This technique is combined with powerful thought-provoking exercises, which prime the subconscious so participants can access deeper levels of themselves in the Breathwork after.Combined with a non-judgemental space created by the facilitators, and like-minded humans who are on a similar life path to you – the stage is set for magic to unfold!

Upcoming retreats

June 2024

Mestia, Georgia

“Lets say somebody is open and maybe has been to some seminars or retreats, but at some point is feeling stuck…

This might be a really good place to find out why.”

Franz Spitzer – Veterinarian,

The 5 Pillars Of Our Retreats:


  • Get out of your head & into the present moment.
  • Put your smartphone down for a few hours.

  • Come back to the here & now.
  • Experience real moments that will take your breath away & make you thankful to be alive.


  • Connect with likeminded humans on an authentic level
  • Share deeper struggles with others who can relate to your situation
  • Feel safe to truthfully share about challenging topics, without judgement
  • Receive compassionate feedback & support


  • Step away from your normal routine & get clarity on the patterns of your life & business
  • Become aware of old beliefs & behaviours that are creating stress & preventing you from your fullest success
  • Realise the ways you are limiting your own happiness – and find a new way forward


  • Get a 10,000ft view on your life & where you want to go
  • Rediscover your passions & the things that give you fulfilment
  • Get clearer on your mission & purpose in life
  • Leave with a clear action plan for making meaningful changes in your life


  • Reconnect to your inner power, autonomy & self belief
  • Deepen your leadership skills on an embodied level
  • Get much clearer on your YES’s & NO’s
  • Open the possibilities for what you can create in your life

Who is this experience for?


Our retreats are created for founders, business professionals & individuals who have achieved a certain level of success by society’s standards – and now want to discover what success truly means for them.

A ReallyAlign retreat is for you if:

  • You want to look outside the box & see the challenges of your life in a new way.
  • You seek like-minded people who you can be fully real with – and be accepted in your authenticity.
  • You have already tried many personal development tools before (coaching, meditation, yoga, therapy, seminars, retreats, psychedelics) but are still looking for “the thing” that will give them access to deeper levels within themselves.
  • You are an open-minded person who is willing to look at the uncomfortable areas of your life in order to grow & actualise.
  • You are ready to step outside your comfort zone in a safe & supported way – in order to finally achieve the happiness you’ve worked hard towards for many years.

A ReallyAlign retreat is NOT for you if:

  • You are extremely uncomfortable sharing with others in groups
  • You prefer a personalised 1:1 experience of support
  • You’re not willing or ready to look at potentially uncomfortable parts of your life (and that’s ok!)
  • You prefer to keep things exactly as they are

“This was a life changing moment for me. 

Sounds big – but I am truly convinced of that”

Nassim Eshaghi – Co-Founder, Plants Are Purple

Ready to retreat?